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KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

KakaoTalk is a messaging application that allows you to send free messages worldwide, emoticons, images, videos, etc. in simple discussions and in groups. Since its creation in March 2010, it has spread rapidly and is now available in 12 languages ​​for nearly 140 million users worldwide.

KakaoTalk, fast and easy text messaging in real time
KakaoTalk is an application similar to WhatsApp for smartphones. It allows you to easily chat with emoticons, exchange files and specify your own location to your interlocutor. It also gives you free calls to join up to five people at the same time. The application offers fun voice filters that you can apply to your voice during voice calls. For messaging, you have the choice between animated emoticons. It makes managing your phone book easier by integrating your contact list and automatically adding friends to your chat sessions once they are online.
The application is particularly present in South Korea where it is estimated that it is installed on nearly 95% of smartphones. KakaoTalk is also used as a social network. It allows you to search for people using their names, numbers, and email accounts. To enhance security and privacy settings, users can use the end-to-end encryption system. A variant of the KakaoTalk application for PC running Windows is also available. You simply need to install on your PC the version corresponding to your operating system. The variants for Windows and Mac are available on the kakao website.

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