IScape is an application for landscape design. It allows you to visualise your ideas for gardens and decorations directly on your PC. Whether you are a professional who wants to showcase your expertise or an amateur gardener who wants to redevelop his land, IScape offers tools that are accessible to everyone.

IScape, an application to download to visualise your future garden

Whatever your level of expertise, IScape will allow you to bring your landscaping project to life. Thanks to its large bank of 3D objects, you will be able to test several decorations, textures, plants and trees to find what suits you best. This App has been designed to be easy to use, but very complete. With a simple click, you can choose the different objects, place them, resize and orient them as you wish, all in an intuitive way. IScape has already attracted many users and you will find an enthusiastic community that shares its creations and gives valuable advice. Once your project is created, you can easily show it to others: professionals, friends or family.

The application offers two main modes: 2D and 3D thanks to augmented reality. You can take a photo of the place you want to redesign and easily modify or add elements or create a whole immersive 3D environment. The App is not yet natively downloadable under Windows, but it is still possible to use an emulator for this operating system. Finally, if you are not a creative person yourself, IScape allows you to get in touch with professional landscapers who will help you design your garden.

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