PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a PDF editing application for iPhone, iPad allowing the user to read, annotate and edit PDFs, edit text and images, complete forms and sign contracts. Initially launched for iOS in 2010 for the first iPad, PDF Expert has now been supported on iPhone and Mac.

The features of PDF Expert

As PDF Expert allows you to edit your PDF documents, you will find below its main features.

  • Document annotation: whether you are a student or an editor, you prefer to have a pen in your hand. This simple gesture allows you to go from passively taking in information to directly interacting with the information, evaluating it, digesting it. PDF Expert allows you to do the same with your PDF documents.
  • Editing documents: if your main objective is to edit complex PDF documents, you may be better served by another application. But for basic text and image editing, you won't find a PDF editor that is easier to use.
  • Completing and signing forms: more and more company forms are available in PDF format. With PDF Expert, it is very convenient to be able to fill in the form electronically, without having to print it out and fill it in manually.
  • Reorder and delete pages: in addition to modifying the text on a page, PDF Expert allows you to modify your document on a larger scale, in particular by reorganising and deleting pages.
  • Delete personal information: when exchanging PDF files containing personal information, it is often necessary to delete part of the file's contents. PDF Expert allows you to easily remove sensitive information.

Is it free of charge?

PDF Expert is not free, although it is provided with a trial version so that you can fully evaluate it before you part with your money. It costs $79.99 ($9.99 on iOS), which gives you a license for three Macs. Students and teachers are eligible for a student discount. PDF Expert is not yet available on PCs, nor is it available on Android. You may consider downloading an alternative such as PDFelement, Soda PDF, or Adobe Acrobat Pro.

If you need basic markup and editing functions, and you appreciate speed and ease of use, then PDF Expert is for you. It's a quick and easy application. But if you're looking for editing power, the features are more limited than the alternatives - despite the word "Expert" in the name.

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