Soul Knight

Developed by ChillyRoom and published by ChillyRoom, Zeyang Li, Soul Knight is a fighting game in which your mission is to eradicate small monsters in order to save the planet. Easy to download, the game is available on iOS and Android, but not on Windows PC.

Soul Knight, defend the planet against mini-monsters!

Soul Knight was designed to appeal to those who may never play an RPG game in their lives. The application opens in a dungeon, where you are equipped with a gun with unlimited ammunition. You have to move from room to room defeating all the enemies you encounter until they are completely exterminated. You'll never run out of bullets, and neither will your enemies.

Some beasts will even try to eat you, but you should be more wary of armed enemies. Throughout the game, you'll have to duck, dodge and run like a headless animal to try to survive. You'll have to do whatever it takes to stay alive. Hit points are easier to lose than to gain, especially when you hit the big "bad guy".

Remember that you can't shoot into rooms from the outside or vice versa. So all the action is contained inside. You can see what to expect though. Targeting is fully automatic. You shoot at the nearest target, which allows you to focus on dodging bullets and enemies.

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