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Shopping! This activity has always been the subject of much debate. From websites to online applications, all means are good to satisfy one's shopping desires. But, the main concern is not the activity itself. Shopping online is good, but are the payment methods always safe and advantageous? This is the real problem. With Klarna shopping, you can make your purchases as securely and easily as possible!

The most advantageous payment options

The Klarna Shopping application is known for its advantages at the time of payment. Its multiple partnerships with retailers around the world allow you to make payments at your convenience. Klarna offers you complete transparency, with its instant credit decision option that allows you to finalize your purchase directly. You also have the ability to have a complete overview of your various online payments. Klarna allows you to explore various payment methods: payment in instalments with its flagship solution "Pay in 4", direct payments or even after delivery. You'll be able to shop wherever you are and enjoy the rewards offered after each purchase.

Download Klarna Shopping now on your Android or iOs mobile to enjoy this unique adventure. The app is also available on Windows PC via its Chrome extension. It guarantees you an even more incredible online shopping experience!

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