Funimation is an app launched in 2016 by Funimation Global, a subsidiary of Sony. It is a streaming platform with which you can watch a vast collection of English dubbed anime and several hundred subtitled shows from Japan anytime, anywhere.

Funimation Features

Funimation offers you the largest library of the most popular Asian anime such as DemonSlayer, Attack of the Titans, My Hero Academia, and others. You will have 15,000 hours of anime to watch with this platform. You will be spared from ads by opting for one of its subscriptions. The payment will be done with a credit card or PayPal. Thus, the platform will provide you with the hottest OVAs, movies and shows without ads. In addition, the application gives you the opportunity to register with a free account giving you, with advertising, a sample of its library.

The platform allows you to get direct broadcasts in Japanese, but also anime with subtitles or dubbed shortly after the broadcast of the original. In addition, you can download your favorite episodes with this tool to watch them offline later. Funimation may not be directly accessible for some countries. But rest assured, you can get there by using a VPN. Currently more than 2.5 million users are subscribed to the platform

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