It is a mobile and Internet application created by the Philips brand in collaboration with Professor Mark S. Aloia. This doctor is a specialist in behaviour change theory. With it, you can follow the progress of your Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment at home.

The main functions of DreamMapper

By choosing DreamMapper, you will receive daily information about your treatment as well as the results of your daily therapy. You can also ask questions about your treatment. To make your navigation easier, the application contains guides and informative videos.

When you use DreamMapper, you can customize your treatment according to your needs. You can set alarms and set the goals you want to achieve. You have notifications about your therapy and the right equipment for your therapy.

The equipment associated with DreamMapper

In order to get the full effectiveness of the treatment, DreamMapper must be combined with some equipment. Namely, the DreamWear, the DreamStation and the DreamStation Go. The first one is a mask that helps you carry out your CPAP treatment. It has a more open design for the face. So you can see and read before you sleep. You can also sleep peacefully because it offers comfort and freedom of movement.

The second device has a P-Flex mode that allows you to control sleep apnea and reduce pressure on the masks. The last piece of equipment is a device designed for people who like to travel, as it is possible to take it everywhere. So your CPAP treatment will not be interrupted. It has a power supply suitable for any type of mask and a Bluetooth connection to link it with your other devices.

Platforms compatible with DreamMapper

You can download the application to install it on all types of media. Indeed, it is suitable for all types of systems, such as Android, iOS and Windows. To use it on your mobile phone or tablet, pair it with DreamStation in Bluetooth mode. If you want to use it on your PC, use the SD card included with the DreamStation and install it on your computer. Using this card, you can transfer data to other devices.

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