Real Gangster Crime

Adopting a life of crime is punishable by law. However, virtually, it is possible. If you want to become a gangster, without suffering the consequences, the action game Real Gangster Crime by Naxeex Studio is the perfect game for you.

An exciting game

Real Gangster Crime is a mobile application from Naxeex Studio, which simulates the real life of a gangster. An exciting 3D shooter set in a large modern city, with strict laws that apply. By eliminating the other competitors, during the different missions, you ensure your success and prove your title of gangster. The resources you obtain will allow you to take on more serious tasks. As you venture through the streets of the city, you need to concentrate to avoid being killed by gang bullets. Don't worry, the game provides you with protection and transportation to pass all the challenges.

The shops and the city street offer you bulletproof vest, first aid kit, weapons, ammunition, money and others. You can use the different means of transportation like cars, of different models, motorcycles, tank and also helicopter which allows you to attack the targets and adopt secret moves. You can also customize your character with the clothes and accessories that can make him/her perform better. You can download the game on Android, IOS but not on PC as the game is not compatible with Windows.

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