Are you a fan of puzzle games? You will surely like EverMerge. This entertaining game is based on famous stories from fairy tales. The player meets iconic people while building his kingdom.

EverMerge: A fairy tale puzzle game

EverMerge allows players to meet characters like Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. Each character you meet has a preference. Rapunzel, for example, needs a comb to take care of her hair. Sleeping Beauty, on the other hand, likes candy. To meet the needs of these different characters, the player must make several combinations. Combining several candies, for example, allows you to obtain a tree that can provide more. Merging several items also unlocks several areas of your kingdom.

Unlocking these areas allows you to discover new characters and locations. EverMerge features entertaining gameplay. Aimed at an audience of all ages, this colorful game will keep you busy for hours. EverMerge's secondary objectives are to merge items to produce gold coins and earn rewards. There's no shortage of activities in EverMerge. For example, you can conduct investigations to unlock your favorite characters.

Developed by Big Fish Games, EverMerge is a game that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can download the app directly from Appstore and Playstore. However, it is not yet available on Windows PC.

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