360Eyes Pro

Insecurity has become a common phenomenon. However, new technology allows you to protect your home and family members. 360Eyes Pro is a surveillance-oriented application. Its developers have come up with a series of convenient features to provide an excellent experience.

Features of the software

It is recommended to download 360Eyes Pro to enjoy a powerful monitoring application. Its settings are directly linked to those of the cameras and the wifi modem of the premises. Thus, it is possible to follow the activities and movements in a home from its PC or phone. The application is designed by Dagro, a software development company based in China. It can be downloaded for free on traditional platforms like google play or apple store. On the other hand, it is necessary to subscribe to use it the cloud for recording images.

The installation and startup is simple, just follow the instructions. The images offered can be shared with a third party so that they can participate in securing each room. The conditions of use do not pose any difficulty. The utility can be used and downloaded by all people, without age restrictions.

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