Founded in 2016 by Chinese entrepreneurs from well-known companies such as Microsoft or Cisco, the company meross offers a downloadable app of the same name. The app available on Android and iOS makes it possible to remotely control many connected everyday objects such as light bulbs, electric switches, thermostats, garage doors, TVs, or air purifiers.

meross features

Designed for users who want to control their energy consumption, meross allows to remotely turn on and off devices. By programming routines or scenes for automatic execution, it is possible, for example, to turn off all the lights in a room, or to request that an appliance be turned on or off after a certain time of use.

Other features include voice-assisted control (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and SmartThings) as well as device checking and updating, which can be done via the latest firmware. Finally, meross offers a space reserved for the discovery of new products and the various offers of the brand and has a forum accessible to users who want to exchange or seek feedback. The application is not available on Windows PC.

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