With the Dreamlab application, participate in the fight against cancer with your device without any effort on your part. The Garvan Institute of Medical Research initiated this platform with a purely scientific purpose. The objective is to accumulate the computing power of thousands of smartphones by substituting supercomputers that many researchers do not have access to.

The characteristics of the Dreamlab application

With the evolution of technology, some applications are now becoming cures for various diseases. Dreamlab is the solution that helps laboratories specialized in the fight against cancer by lending them the unused processor load. It allows to help science while sleeping, i.e. when the devices are inactive during the night. It is made available for all Android and iOS smartphones. On the other hand, it is not available for Windows PCs.

Its operation is very simple, all that is required is that the phone is connected to the network and its battery is more than 95% charged for Dreamlab to start its work, so that it can download data, perform research and send the results back to the institute. All it needs is to be installed and properly set up. The user can choose which cause he wants to participate in, it can be breast, ovarian, pancreatic or prostate cancer. He can even give his contact information to know the progress of the research. Moreover, Dreamlab can be connected with all types of packages, whether 3G, 4G or even Wifi.

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