YCC365 Plus

Today's technology makes it easy to monitor and secure one's property. More and more individuals are investing in cameras and various detectors. However, a challenge is emerging: to visualize in real time what is happening. It is with this in mind that the YCC365 Plus application was launched. The features and functionality of this tool are described in more detail below.

Features of the YCC365 Plus

YCC365 Plus is a security application developed by Jun Liu company. It allows you to watch at any time, from your smartphone or PC, what your surveillance cameras are filming. Depending on the intended viewing, you can download YCC365 Plus to a mobile device or PC.

It is also possible to record everything your cameras see. This way, you won't miss any important moments such as a crime. The recordings are stored on a card or directly on the cloud. Indeed, YCC365 Plus is a connected application that works with Wi-Fi. This gives you the chance to share your videos directly on social networks with a simple gesture.

YCC365 Plus also includes a voice call feature. So you can inform other family members when you need to. Voice communication is two-way on a PC and a mobile device. Last but not least, the YCC365 Plus offers the last but not least option to link to your alarm and detection systems. You will then be alerted of any activity that occurs on your property.

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