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Eseenet Esee

Eseenet + is monitoring software for ESEENET + mobile devices for START series DVRs. It allows users to be able to view live images and record videos on the DVR / NVR for later viewing and in local mode.

Eseenet + to monitor sensitive places
Eseenet Esee Eseenet + is a free mobile surveillance app for ESeye DVR that allows you to monitor web cameras remotely from your smartphone. With Eseenet Esee Eseenet +, the user has a local recording and management function which makes the application very easy to manage and use. The app also supports all audio settings to ensure clear transmission to users. Eseenet + is perfect for monitoring sensitive places while receiving all notifications on your smartphone. The application helps, for example, to monitor your home on your mobile phone. It is not only used in homes, but also in other places like corporate offices, commercial buildings, residential apartments and wherever it is needed. It can also be used on passageways, as most criminal activity takes place on the roads.

To ensure the security of Eseenet + accounts, the connection to the application can only be made using a unique code. The user can connect with his IP / DDNS address. The app is available for iOS and Android. It is currently available in English and downloadable from Google Play and the App Store. It is compatible with all versions of Windows.

You want Eseenet Esee on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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