Idle Heroes

The developers of DHGames invite you to build your army. Choose and upgrade your heroes to triumph in all your battles.

Create and manage an army for epic battles!

You can acquire heroes at the summoning circle, prophet tree, spring of hope, creation circle, or through quests and battles. To increase the skills of your fighters, you can increase their level or give them equipment that you have received or designed at the forge. Their star level can be increased through mergers in the creation circle. For these operations, you will need various materials that you will collect during your various battles, or by sacrificing your heroes on the altar.

Several battle locations are available to you: the campaign, the tower of nothingness, the journey of the brave (which requires more strategy), and the arena (to confront other players). During battles, you can choose which heroes will fight, and whether they should fight on the front or the back. You can also join a guild and participate in group battles. It is possible to download the game for free on the official Google and Apple stores, but it is not available on the Windows store. This application is designed for smartphones, not for PCs.

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