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Block Launcher

BlockLauncher Pro is a custom Minecraft Pocket Edition launcher that wraps around Minecraft PE and provides loading of fixes. BlockLauncher has become a must-have app for players of the full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition because it allows them to play faster and easier.

Block Launcher for Minecraft Pocket Edition enthusiasts
BlockLauncher is a Minecraft PE launcher that allows you to configure and customize the Minecraft PE game. It provides you with the loading of patches and texture packs and IP addresses of the servers. With the BlockLauncher app, you can become one of the most dedicated Minecraft Pocket Edition players in the game. This handy app allows players to quickly and easily manage many of the background aspects of their Minecraft PE game. BlockLauncher only works with the paid version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, that is, the application is not compatible with the free version of the game.
Among the cool features that BlockLauncher offers Minecraft Pocket Edition players is the ability to:
• Load any game theme and change the textures of the game;
• Improve graphics and upgrade game performance;
• Load textures from any Pocket Edition compatible texture pack.
With the BlockLauncher app for Android, you can become one of the most dedicated Minecraft Pocket Edition players in the game. Enjoy a more enjoyable gaming experience by downloading BlockLauncher for Mac and PC from Google Play and Apple Store.

You want Block Launcher on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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