Magi Connect

Magi Connect is a reference application in remote computer access services. Today, accessing your office at any time is an absolute necessity. Discover which features Magi Connect will make your life easier.

The advantages of Magi Connect

Magi Connect was developed by NTT TechnoCross Corporation, a global company that operates in telecommunications, computing and artificial intelligence. Its main function is the remote access and manipulation of a PC. To do this, you need to download and install the app on an iOS or Android. With Magi Connect, you can work on your computer from anywhere. All you need is for your machine to be connected to the Internet regardless of the version of your windows pc. The configuration is quick and easy. You need to install the Apk file on your phone and the windows runtime file on the computer. The exploration of windows remotely is made practical by a virtual mouse.

Magi Connect stands out for its secure authentication. In addition to the username and password, specific data and digital certificates block access to your PC. It is also important to note that the risk of data leakage is very low. A preventive function ensures that data cannot be transferred from the machine or the office server. What's more, no virus infection for the latter is to be feared thanks to the encrypted channel. The application has been designed to meet the needs of both companies and individuals. Moreover, the user does not experience any interruption, except in case of connection or power supply failure.

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