Magisto Video Editor allows you to create videos in a few minutes to be published on different social network platforms. This application is edited by Vimeo, the famous community platform for sharing and viewing videos published by its users.

Create incredible content with ease

Magisto is a very easy to learn software even for the most novice among us. Accessible directly from your browser, from any Windows PC or downloadable from your Apple or Android smartphone from the App Store or Google Play Store, Magisto is very intuitive and easy to use. Its operation is almost entirely automated to ensure the best possible user experience.

As soon as you launch the application, with your consent, Magisto will instinctively locate all the folders where your photo, audio and video media are stored. Once you've selected the content you want to edit, simply add a theme, effect and music for a unique and fun look. The most interesting feature of Magistro Video Editor is its ability to intelligently remove uninteresting or repetitive parts to keep only the best in a quality short film.

Where other software or applications would require several hours of work to achieve a similar result, Magistro allows you to obtain a result worthy of a professional editor in a few minutes. Free with some paid options, this editor will only require you to log in to enjoy its most interesting features.

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