Implemented by the GoPro editor, Quik is a free application to quickly and easily create video montages from an iOS or Android smartphone. It allows you to easily share your videos on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or YouTube.

The great GoPro video editing application

This application originated from GoPro Studio software, later renamed GoPro Quik. It allows owners of a GoPro sports camera to import and edit videos in just a few clicks using a smartphone. It can also be downloaded to Windows and Mac, again under the GoPro Studio name.

When using Quik on a smartphone, it is no longer necessary to go to your PC, as all the main features of the software are directly available in the application. In truth, the editing is almost automatic. Just select photos and videos from the gallery and albums on the phone, SD card, Google Photo, Dropbox, GoPro Plus. There can be up to 75 items per edit. Then choose one of the 24 visual themes offered by Quik that will determine the graphic style and transitions in the montage.

Quik can detect by itself the best passages in the video and remove those that seem less interesting. It is however possible to make the cuts yourself. It is also possible to add music, texts and titles, filters or even simply remove sounds from the video. Quik also takes care of synchronizing the music with the video. Finally, the video is recorded in 720p or 1080p. It can be directly shared on social networks or by SMS or e-mail through a Quik link.

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