Enphase Enlighten

Developed and published by Enphase Energy, Enphase Enlighten is an application designed to allow you to monitor your Enphase system.

Enphase Enlighten, monitor your system closely

Enphase Enlighten allows the owner to monitor the status of their system from anywhere and know exactly how much energy their solar system is producing. The solution also allows them to generate reports on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly energy production. Everything is presented in attractive and easy-to-read graphs and infographics. You can check your system at a glance and make sure it is working as expected. Multiple languages are available, including Portuguese and Polish, and you can customize push, email or SMS notifications.

Once the tool is installed on your smartphone, you'll be able to review system status and performance, get a breakdown of panel-level production, track grid imports and exports, contact support, and manage power-hungry devices. In other words, with Enphase Enlighten, you'll be able to generate, use, save and sell your own energy from the palm of your hand. With an intuitive interface, the application offers tutorials on how to better use your equipment. For example, people with a solar backup lighting system will find tips on how to better control their grid. The tool also alerts you to problems: your house is using more energy than your system is producing, etc.

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