Turn your phone into a multifunction scanner with the TurboScan app. Easily scan, save and edit your documents on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. TurboScan is not available for download on Windows PCs.

A powerful and comprehensive scanner

The Turboscan app lets you perform a variety of scanning operations directly from your iPhone or iPad. Quickly scan books, photos, texts and other documents and save them as PDF or JPEG files. High-quality scanning is made possible with SureScan 3X mode. To make your job easier, TurboScan is equipped with an automatic document edge detection system.

With the Turboscan application, store and edit your documents in a complete way: brightness adjustment, contrast definition, orientation choice, color adjustment, perspective correction, etc. This powerful interface also allows you to send your scans by e-mail. The "E-mail to me" feature allows you to send them to a predefined address as well as upload them to an online storage site. Turboscan is compatible with various printing interfaces such as AirPrint.

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