Clubhouse is an app developed by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and available on smartphones and tablets. It is a popular social networking app, launched in March 2020. Several public figures have used this tool to give interviews.

What is Clubhouse?

This software application allows mobile device users to converse with several other participants in private rooms that will be managed by moderators. Voice interaction is at the heart of this app. Different members communicate in audio and in real time. Access to Clubhouse is by invitation only or through a referral. Each new member will have two invitations and can invite two other users.

Chat rooms can accommodate up to 5,000 guests and are indexed by topic. Administrators of a virtual room can create conferences on a specific topic while attendees listen and speak (if they wish) by "raising their hands". If you want to download this application, you can also create your own conference, select your own speakers, and even manage your audience. Clubhouse is not yet available on Windows or Mac unless you download and install an emulator on your device first.

You want to download Clubhouse on Windows 10 ? Act !

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