Paycor is a human capital management application. It greatly facilitates the management of payroll, workforce, employees and benefits. Do you run a business? Paycor gives you access to many features, no matter where you are.

Paycor for Managers

Paycor is an app you can download via iOS or Android. It allows you to approve leave requests, workflows, and time cards. Also, this app is what a manager or administrator needs to add, edit, and delete employee timecards. Via Paycor, it is even possible to create dynamic and flexible schedules. The goal: build a winning team.

Paycor is welcome in many structures. Are you in the healthcare, food service, education or manufacturing industries? Are you a business or non-profit organization? This software is ideal for creating a pleasant workplace. It also boosts employee enthusiasm and commitment. The best part is that there's no need for tedious manual work. Everything is automated.

Paycor for employees

Paycor is a very functional and practical application for employees. Via Paycor, you can consult your current and previous pay slips as well as your W-2s. It's also a great way to view your time cards, work schedule, leave dates and pay dates.

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