PlantNet is an application aimed at lovers of botany who wish to broaden their knowledge. It allows you to identify all the plant species that you might come across during a walk or a stroll in the forest.

PlantNet: a botanical directory at your fingertips

PlantNet is an application for botanists and plant lovers who would like to identify plants simply by photographing them with their smartphone. The user takes a picture of the plant you want to recognize and the application looks for plants that connect visually as closely as possible.

Developed by four French scientists, the application lists and recognizes more than six thousand species in Western Europe. Users can also add information and images of new plants, so the application continues to grow. It has a photo quality evaluation feature. This allows designers to constantly improve the quality of their database. Only photos that receive an average of at least 3 stars from other users can be added to the identification system. The application works best when you take a photo of a plant or flower with as few plants in the background as possible.

PlantNet contributes to the international knowledge of plants and their distribution. The platform continuously collects field data. PlantNet can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store. It is compatible with your Android and iOS devices. The application has been installed about half to a million times.

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