Are you a fan of Indian movies, serials, TV shows and many other programs? Experience India in all its artistic glory with the Hotstar app, downloadable on Android and iOS download platforms. Get the best of Indian entertainment: movies, TV shows and series, sports, from your mobile or PC, no matter where you are.

Hotstar, the best of Indian entertainment

Hotstar is a subscription-based Indian video streaming service operated by Star India, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company India. The service is accessible via an app developed by Novi Digital for Android and IOS platforms. Although the program has not been specifically developed for Windows, you have the option to download it for your PC, provided you have an Android emulator.

Hotstar offers the best of Indian entertainment with news, movies, live cricket and TV shows. Once you subscribe, you get many special offers including the best of Indian cinema, TV series, live news in Indian languages and many more surprises. For cricket fans, you can watch your favourite sport for more than half the year. Plus, access a regular stream of commentary and analysis from national experts in 6 Indian languages on your favourite sport, before, during and after matches. With the Hotstar app, access all kinds of richly selected content. India will no longer hold any secrets for you.

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