Gigabyte APP center

The GIGABYTE Application Center is a compendium of all GIGABYTE applications designed to give you a better use of your motherboard. The application uses a simple and unified user interface to give you the opportunity to launch all GIGABYTE applications installed on your system.

Provide users with complete control over their applications

App Center is a software developed by GIGABYTE, a Taiwanese company specialized in the supply of high-end computer hardware. GIGABYTE APP Center allows you to easily launch multiple GIGABYTE devices installed on your system, check for online updates and download the latest branded applications associated with devices. In short, Gigabyte App Center gives you easy access to a multitude of GIGABYTE applications that help you get the most out of your GIGABYTE motherboard.

Gigabyte App Center works in a very simple way, during installation, the application creates and uses a boot record point in Windows to run automatically when a user boots the PC. Once installed, the software adds a Windows service designed to run continuously in the background. It also has a background controller service designed to run automatically. The GIGABYTE Application Center also allows :

  • Achieve the highest levels of PC performance with GIGABYTE overclocking features;
  • Access any level of processor frequencies to achieve the desired system performance;
  • Set the memory clock with XMP profile support and change the PWM power supply phase, voltage and frequency settings.

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