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CBS is an application published and offered by CBS Interactive, Inc. It is a tool that allows the viewing of the latest episodes of CBS programs. Users can watch their favorite shows for free and at their own convenience. Instant streaming can be done at any time from any machine. The features of this app are interesting.

An app for free entertainment

CBS is an app that requires no subscription or credit card to watch new episodes. This tool allows the broadcast of complete episodes for free. It is also possible to watch the shows at any location and with any device. The last available episodes can be broadcast the next day. The user also has the option to connect with their cable provider for live TV streaming.

CBS is a free entertainment app with proprietary Nielsen measurement software. This allows the user to contribute to Nielsen TV ratings and market research. Broadcasting live events, entertainment, sports, live news is also possible. There is no monthly fee, just download the right version for each device to be used.

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