OMGuard HD

Have you ever wondered who was touching your phone or tablet while you were away? When you go to shower and leave your phone charging on the coffee table, then realize when you come back that someone has touched your phone, wouldn't you want an app that allows you to keep an eye on your device even when you're away?

OMGuard HD : your surveillance software

OMGuard HD, the application developed by JANG YI WANG and distributed by JSW PACIFIC CORPORATION, allows you to take control of the camera of your devices. Thanks to OMGuard HD, you will always know at a glance who is touching your devices in your absence. In addition, OMGuard HD can provide you with a live HD view of everything that touches your phone using the Wi-Fi connection.

OMGuard HD also offers you the possibility of replaying your videos in recorded playbacks so that you can review them at your convenience. OMGuard HD is currently available on Android and iOS, but not yet on Windows PC or MacOS. This application is available on the Google Play Store and on the AppleStore.

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