SgsEye is a remote camera management and control software. The application allows the piloting and management of video surveillance system, providing many settings directly accessible from a cell phone or tablet.

The features of SgsEye

The SgsEye application allows you to control, manage and display multiple cameras simultaneously in real time on your smartphone screen. It detects the video surveillance network through its IP network or domain connection system. The software includes a remote control system for event management, alarms and voice communication commands (intercom function etc.).

The application allows you to configure and adjust various settings such as camera orientation, panorama, tilts, focus, zoom and other features (PTZ). The utility has a library, the Media Center, which allows the management and archiving of video recordings and captured images. The saved data can be viewed in streaming or locally. A recording history and favorites management is also available. The software supports WIFI, 2G, 3G and 4G connections, as well as a P2P function via the local network.

The SgsEye remote camera control utility is available for download for Android and iPhone smartphones (not available for Windows PC or Mac).

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