Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

Change your habits to adopt a healthier lifestyle while being supported on a daily basis, that's what this application developed and published by TheFabulous offers you.

Features and benefits of Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

Fabulous Daily Routine Planner is specialized in health and fitness areas and is free, but you can subscribe to some additional options that are paid. The objective is to offer you the possibility to develop habits that are beneficial to your health. Validated by mental health professionals, it is a support for people who are unmotivated, anxious or with low self-esteem. You have a choice of several challenges. Some are simple actions to be carried out over 3 days, such as drinking a glass of water when you get out of bed. Others require a longer term investment. These challenges can be sports, food, etc.

Notifications encourage you to maintain your efforts. With Fabulous Daily Routine Planner you are part of a supportive community. This application is similar to a theme-based coaching and can help improve sleep, concentration. Goals are tracked with regular check-ins and you receive virtual rewards. Downloadable on Android and iOS, you can get it on the app Store and Play Store. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download it on PCs running Windows systems.

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