We all sometimes stop all activity to enjoy a bird's song for a moment, but it is sometimes frustrating not to recognize the bird in question. But there is a simple way to solve the riddle with BirdNET.

What is BirdNET?

BirdNET is an application that aims to identify which bird the song you hear at your location belongs to. It was developed by a team of biologists and engineers led by Stefan Kahl, its creator, in order to recognize and protect bird populations around the world.

It is simple to operate, the recording can be activated by itself or by pressing the "microphone" button. When the sound of the bird is recorded, the data is analyzed and a bird identification sheet is displayed. Sometimes two different birds are identified, so it may be necessary to activate its geolocation for better accuracy, as species are often different from one region to another. In addition, collecting this information allows the application to improve its efficiency. The recordings are kept so that the user can listen to them again and remember the owner of the song.

The app can be downloaded from the Android and iOS stores, but there is no PC version on Windows yet. With this tool, experts and amateurs alike will be delighted to improve their knowledge of ornithology.

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