Cat Runner

Do you like arcade games that are both easy to use and very challenging? Go and download the Cat Runner application, and have hours of fun with this agile and charming little cat!

Run, win, decorate your house

It's a frantic race that you will start with your little feline: through the city, avoid some obstacles, jump on others, go through the streets and especially, collect coins! They will allow you to redecorate the totally dilapidated childhood home of this intrepid tomcat. Buy furniture, repair the walls, renovate the house from floor to ceiling, make it livable and comfortable.

Playing the game is easy: as soon as the game starts, your cat is ready for the race! Your mission will be to steer your cat and win as many coins as possible. As the game progresses, you'll be able to increase your level, make your cat run faster and faster and unlock new characters. The faster you are, the more money you will collect to embellish all the rooms in your house.

To control this little animal, you just have to slide your finger on your screen. Young and old alike will be able to spend hours making their character and their house evolve. This racing game, developed by the Ivy studio, is available for free on Android and IOS by downloading it from the play store. It can also be installed on PC, under windows using third party programs.

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