SolarEdge Monitoring

SolarEdge Monitoring is an application for professionals, but also for private owners of solar panels. This valuable tool transmits all the data needed to understand and control solar energy consumption.

SolarEdge Monitoring: detailed monitoring of your photovoltaic panels

Developed by the company SolarEdge in 2013, the SolarEdge Monitoring application is ideal for monitoring your production, imported electricity consumption and self-consumption of photovoltaic energy. If you own solar panels, this tool will allow you to analyze their performance in detail. The dashboard informs you about their yield, export to the general grid and self-consumption in real time. In one graph, you are aware of the solar production realized in the day, the month or the year, and of its use. Your consumption of energy imported from the electrical grid is compared to that produced on site. With the help of historical data, you can analyze the savings made thanks to the installed panels and the solar production generated during the year, compared to previous years.

Weather forecasts are provided day by day to help you maximize your home's self-consumption.
The app instantly detects technical faults in the photovoltaic panels and informs you of major errors.
You can download the app on Android and iOS, but it is not available on the Windows Store on your pc.

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