Via Browser

Developed by Yafengtu Via Browser is an excellent browser for phones with older Android versions and more. It has many features that make the user experience very pleasant. Simple and fast, you can perform certain operations faster and easier by using it.

Application overview

Via Browser is a browser that weighs less than 2MB. It is compatible with all types of smartphones and can be customized at will. Dynamic and very intuitive, it offers many adaptation options to facilitate its use. From the browser, you can define a storage space for your downloads. You can also select your search engine and add other image search engines. In addition, it has a text translation interface in living languages such as English, Spanish, etc..

Customizable and extensible, you can use Via to decide on the layout of your homepage, the style to be applied, the font and the theme. It also has some powerful tools like the ua switch, a bookmark import mechanism, an ad blocker, a built-in QR scanner and desktop mode. So you can use the browser on a PC with BlueStacks. Theapplication works on Windows and Android. To download it, go to playstore if you are on Android and Microsoft Store if you are on Windows. Via Browser is a very convenient application with excellent privacy options.

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