Best Fiends

Best Fiends is a game application from Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. that is classified in the category action & puzzle. In this game, you will become the hero of the adventure! Join the wonderful world of Minutia where you can compete with your friends, solve puzzles, fight villains and collect engaging characters with fun graphics.

An Epic Adventure

The little creatures of Minutia will face a terrible meteor crashing into Mount Boom, unleashing an unknown force. The force turns the slugs into horrific, green-eating monsters. Heroes set out to fend off these terrible herbivores through an epic journey that takes them through multiple challenges. Join these Best Fiends, the heroes of Minutia, and help them solve the mysteries of Mount Boom.

An immersive experience with animated feature films and lively music that immerses you in challenging worlds. Completely free of charge, this application will plunge you into attractive and colourful worlds, which will make you want to go further and further in the discovery of new treasures.
This application can be downloaded on a tablet or smartphone, compatible with Android and IOS. Not available on a Windows PC.

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