Created in 2008, the Swagbucks application has a community of 25 million users. It offers various ways to earn money and provide additional income to its followers. Based on the principle of accumulating points called SB, its users get their points back in the form of cashback, credit or vouchers. By answering surveys, participating in games, watching videos ... you get money on Swagbucks.

How does Swagbucks work?

Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson at the head of "Prodege" are the co-founders of Swagbucks: a website that offers you remuneration for all your online activities on the site. With 180 million euros already distributed, Swagbucks continues its momentum and redeems points in vouchers for Spotify, Amazon ... For those who need physical money, they can recover their points in PayPal credit. Note that 100 SB on Swagbucks is equivalent to 1 euro.

To accumulate points, Swagbucks offers its Cashback platform where are referenced the largest e-commerce sites of the moment. If you make your purchases on this platform, you benefit from a refund of part of your purchases. The survey, downloading applications, watching videos, you can also earn SB on the site. Without forgetting the Swagbucks games, these provide you with points according to your level.

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