La Presse+

La Presse + is a mobile French-language information application designed for consulting articles online. Designed to enhance the value of the journalist's profession, the application not only serves to popularize press articles, but also to increase the audience of several media channels.

La Presse +, an application geared towards the current needs of press readers

The Press+ is a Canadian news application designed for use on a tablet. It allows users to enjoy online reading experiences with a guarantee of quality and relevance of information. In all, readers have access to a wide variety of content, with more than 120 articles every day. On this user-friendly platform, users will be able to :

  • Find a digest of journalistic analyses, press kits, investigations, columns and auditoriums to help them understand the news;
  • Use filters and keywords to find articles published in the past;
  • Receive alerts and notifications of breaking news.

The application is also intended to serve as a forum for advertisers who wish to increase the audience around their brands and products. It is possible to use the La Presse + application on the computer thanks to an emulator such as Andy for PC and Mac. The application is compatible with all versions of Windows and iOS. Recently, a new version of the application has been unveiled with better accessibility to content, a more complete design and a more attractive interface.

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