Wallapop is a free mobile app that allows you to buy and resell all of your used products in your neighborhood. This mobile app helps you sell what you no longer need and lets you buy what you want at reasonable prices.

Wallapop, the largest catalog of classified ads

Wallapop has become the ultimate mobile app to buy and sell second-hand products. You can use Wallapop to find a product that is no longer sold in stores or to search for bargains. The platform has millions of users who buy and sell new, used, used cars or trade services between individuals. You can find sports articles, household appliances, films, books and audio albums, furniture for homes and gardens, toys for babies and children, high-tech and computer equipment, as well as industrial and agricultural equipment. . Most Wallapop ads will contain slightly used items, but sometimes you may find a product marked as new or unopened. In its configuration Wallapop has a place where all your contacts with buyers and sellers will take place. This is where you can negotiate prices, offer transactions and confirm sales.

The application also claims an ecological vocation since by using Wallapop you will also help to make the world more sustainable by reusing thousands of products. Wallapop is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store if you're using an iOS device. Wallapop is also available on the Apple Watch.

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