At Bat

The MLB At Bat app is designed for baseball fans who don't want to miss anything of the season. It provides them with information, predictions and full customization options to follow the championship in real time. When you start At Bat for the first time, you will be presented with several options, which will determine the level of access you will have when using the At Bat app. At Bat So Don't Miss Any Of Your Favorite Championships
The At Bat version provides users with a complete view of real-time scores, match schedules, latest news and current Major League Baseball rankings. But on the application, they can also:
• Personalize the home screens of your iPhone and iPad with the application icons of the MLB Club brand and your favorite club;
• Access your MLB.TV All Teams subscription to watch all the matches;
• Watch a video at 60 frames per second for unrivaled high quality streaming of some MLB.TV live broadcasts;
• Access video clips and explanations that revisit the matches via Gameday;
• Take advantage of universal support for At Bat Premium subscribers, access premium content on iPhone, iPad and other smartphones and tablets included ...
At Bat is a free download from the Google Play Store and has two levels of access, offering free and optional paid subscription features. MLB.TV subscribers do not have access to the features of the At Bat app and must purchase an At Bat Premium subscription if they wish to use the premium features of the app.

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