The ForeFlight Mobile app is a flight companion that allows your passengers to track the flight and know when they can expect to arrive. ForeFlight uses the familiar menu from the iOS tab bar at the bottom of the screen to quickly switch between screens with one click.

ForeFlight Connect for a better flight overview

ForeFlight Connect is a platform that allows portable and installed avionics to connect to ForeFlight Mobile and provide features such as two-way flight plan transfer, weather and ADS-B traffic, rescue attitude and the GPS position. ForeFlight can display FLARM traffic in addition to ADS-B traffic for better situational awareness and flight safety.

Basically, the application allows the passenger to log in to have precise information on the flight situation. He can automatically connect to his pilot's ForeFlight application and observe the current route so that he can follow the progress of his flight. The app also provides useful flight information like time of destination, estimated time of arrival, altitude, ground speed and magnetic bearing. Whenever the pilot changes the route in ForeFlight, the application will automatically update the route indicated to reflect these changes. In flight, the user can transfer flight plan updates between ForeFlight and other platforms at the touch of a button. Finally, browse and zoom around the world with ease using the advanced map engine or leave the map automatically centered on your location. The map shows the borders of countries and states, the labels of cities and places.

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