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Gigaset Elements

Gigaset Elements is a video surveillance application that allows you to keep an eye on your assets. With this application, you can obtain valuable information at any time about an important location you want to have monitored. And you can react wherever you are.

A customizable alarm and surveillance system

Gigaset Elements is an application that allows you to turn your smartphone into a control station for your personal security system. It's a security tool to make sure your home is safe when you're away. A quick glance and you can react immediately if necessary.

Gigaset Elements allows you to check the status of doors and windows previously fitted with sensors to see what's going on in your home. To do this, it works via a Wi-Fi indoor camera. The application offers four modes: "Outdoors" (when no one is home), "At home", "Individual" (for single-floor surveillance) and "Night". To use the application, simply download it from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Once the app is connected to the Gigaset Base, you can control all the sensors and the camera.

Gigaset Elements is constantly being improved and expanded with new features. New updates to the application include tools that allow you to communicate with your loved ones and gather valuable information. They also provide users with personalized homecoming notifications, an added timer for connection needs and new sound options.

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