PhotoPills is a photo planning application that helps you realize your idea of the perfect photograph. It is a tool that provides you with innovative solutions to answer most questions when planning and shooting your creative ideas.

An effective personal assistant in all areas of photography

Photopills is a powerful application designed to take almost perfect photographs in coordination with the position of the stars. To do so, it offers expertise that combines the prediction of the position of the sun and moon, shooting planning and instantaneous calculators for exposure, depth of field, time lapse sequences, etc. This means, for example, that while waiting for the sunset on a cloudless beach, you can check whether the cloud formation is compatible with one of the spots you have planned and recorded. Whatever your passions, the application will make you enjoy exploring new artistic possibilities by taking you to other visual worlds. You will be able to use it in all circumstances, whether for occasional photos or for exceptional events that have been planned for a long time.

PhotoPills helps you to realize real photo ideas and to be more creative by suggesting different photo ideas. PhotoPills is available for iOS and Android and is one of the best photo planning applications available today.

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