Sonos Controller

Sono Controller is a desktop application designed as a long-range wireless Home Sound System to stream music from your computer to every room in your home. The application allows you to listen to any track, podcast, audiobook or radio station of your choice with greatly improved performance, reliability and stability in broadcasting.

What is the Sonos Controller application for?

Sonos Controller is an application that basically lets you play the DJ from the comfort of your own home. It's a sound system capable of covering an entire house from a free remote Wi-Fi connection and producing great sound quality. From your devices (smartphones, tablets and computers), you can configure the application and start streaming music. From there allows you to :

  • Track songs from all your music services with a single search;
  • Choose what you want to play, in which room to play it and at which level;
  • Synchronize multiple songs in different rooms. Or the same song in the whole house ;
  • Access up to 30 music services, listen to Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks and more;
  • Create playlists in an instant by grouping your favorite songs together in "My Sonos".

Sonos Controller is organized around a navigation bar that makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Find, select and edit what's playing everywhere, all from one interface.

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