Orange TV Go

Orange TV Go is a mobile application for Orange TV subscribers, giving them access to live TV channels and on-demand programs. Although it can be used on TV, the application is mainly designed for mobile phones and tablets where you can watch your DTT channels, TV and VOD packages wherever and whenever you want.

Orange TV Go, live and replay TV, wherever you are in the world.

Orange-tv-go is part of a long line of applications dedicated to TV viewing or online streaming. Through orange-tv-go, users can :

  • Access hundreds of live channels through TV-on-demand services and access to the VOD movie offer ;
  • Access TV channels even on 3 additional devices; the same TV channel can be viewed simultaneously on 2 devices ;
  • The ability to finish watching on another device or create lists of favorites;
  • Get the parental control feature, enjoy TV programs on recommendation based on your website usage history;
  • Control your set-top box with the virtual remote control and access a virtual keyboard for searching;
  • Find out what movies you're watching live;
  • Have the ability to set reminders.

The first time you use orange-tv-go, you will need to register the application. You will need the TV service ID and the TV service PIN (you will find them on the contract).

You want to download Orange TV Go on Windows 10 ? Act !

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