imaginBank is an application designed for people who want to manage their money differently: clearly, simply and transparently. With this application, you can save money easily, set your savings goals and use a sophisticated digital tool to reach them.

Make your dreams come true and save money

imaginBank is an application working as your new mobile bank with which you can manage your accounts, credit and debit cards and receipts. It also allows you to pay with your mobile phone using your digital card, while keeping full control of your personal finances, all through customizable graphics and savings goals. imaginBank allows you in a few words to turn your smartphone into a wallet and pay easily with your digital card. Other features offered by the imaginBank application include the ability to :

  • Control and manage your finances and personal savings with savings, loan and insurance methods;
  • Benefit from unique imaginBank discounts and experiences;
  • Protect your purchases with imagin & Buy, take out insurance for your pets and travel without worries with our travel insurance;
  • Find ATMs nearby and check how much money you have from your smart watch;
  • Have a tool to protect yourself against any form of bank fraud;.

With the imaginBank application, you benefit from the expertise of one of the most solvent financial groups to ensure that all your money is safe.

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