MyFitnessPal is an application created by Under Armour to help a person who wants to lose weight to achieve their goal. Thanks to a digital diary kept daily, it allows to follow the calories eliminated and assimilated by the body. It also provides information on the nutritional values of food and records the user's physical activities. You can use and download this PDA on a mobile device such as a smartphone or PC.

How does it work?

It can be downloaded free of charge on IOS, Android, as well as on a PC or tablet running Windows 10. It has many advantages, including its ease of use and intuitive interface. It also allows you to create a personalized plan via an option in the software. To this end, there are more than 300,000,000 food catalogues available that you can adopt according to your diet. The discussion forums related to MyFitnessPal allow you to exchange with people who have the same goal.

For exercise, it offers a variety of exercises according to your needs, including crunch abs, low-impact aerobics, aquajogging and more. Thanks to these exercises, the calories burned are calculated based on the user's weight as well as the time spent doing it. The reverse is also possible, i.e. calculating how long it takes to do the exercise to lose a particular calorie. All in all, MyFitnessPal is a practical and free application in terms of weight loss. It also allows for a healthy lifestyle and good health.

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