DroidCam is an application for Windows whose objective is to transform your smartphone into a webcam for videoconferencing. The application works with a PC client which installs the webcam drivers and then connects the computer with the Android device.

DroidCam, turn your Android into a camera for the computer

DroidCam is the application that can turn your smartphone into a wireless camera that you can use with software like Skype for video conferencing. With this application, you can either wirelessly or using a USB cable, connect your phone to the PC and automatically route the video stream from your phone's camera to the PC. In order to connect the webcam of your mobile to the PC, you will be able to go via WiFi, Ethernet or USB. Among the great uses of DroidCam, there is its utility in:

  • The transformation of your Smartphone into a PC compatible webcam (the basic function);
  • Transfer of camera and microphone streams from the phone to your personal computer;
  • Connection with the cordless telephone or via a USB cable;
  • Maintaining the webcam stream via a Wi-Fi network to one of your video player browsers.

You can use it with chat programs like Skype, with live streaming programs like OBS or XSplit, or wherever you would normally use a webcam. The app supports HD resolutions and other paid features that include settings control.

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