Life 360

Life 360 is a network application that works like a geolocation service and allows its users (friends or family members) to share their location with each other. With this application, users can create their own groups or circles and chat with them for free, users can track their lost or stolen phone easily.

Why use the Life 360 application?

Life 360 Family Locator simplifies the way to stay in touch with the people that matter most to an individual. This application for iOS and Android is presented as an effective communication strategy because of the security it offers families by always keeping them informed of each other's location.

In detail, Life 360 allows its users to :

  • Make real-time rentals by determining the exact location of a user to communicate with;
  • Perform GPS tracking for the same reason;
  • Use a coordinate system to track the location of your family members' devices;
  • Track a lost or stolen phone using their GPS coordinates.

For those most reluctant to share personal data, Life 360 promotes a very restrictive data logging. In addition to the mobile phone, it is necessary to provide an email for data transfer. The user must also configure his groups and invite his members to install the application by sending them a code. Life 360 enables millions of family and close friends to stay connected in all situations of daily life.

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