Nova 3

NOVA 3 is an impressive futuristic first-person shooter. It is the third opus from Gameloft.

Multiple characters and multiplayer modes

Four months after Kal Wardin 's destruction of the Volterites, the Volterites take power following the assassination of President Folsom. Kal, who prefers to remain discreet since the death of the president, cannot remain impassive in front of Yelena's call for help. So he decides to return to Earth to save humanity in peril. By entering this universe, you immerse yourself in a fantastic scenario through ten levels where the Earth is crossed by a major conflict.

A military arsenal of considerable firepower is at your disposal thanks to the use of robots to confront your opponents. The gameplay is not limited to simple movements since you can join vehicles containing several allies to fight your enemies on the battlefield. The possibility of playing with up to twelve players is possible, via the seven multiplayer modes.

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