The EZVIZ application is designed to work with NVR, DVR, and security cloud camera equipment allowing you to use all basic free cloud services anytime and anywhere. With the EZVIZ application, you can protect, capture, record, and share what's precious to you.

How does the Ezviz application work?

Ezviz is a Chinese brand, subsidiary of video surveillance giant Hikvision, specializing in the design of intelligent home security systems. The eponymous application is the best way to connect your smart devices to the EZVIZ cloud through a smartphone platform. Using this application, it is so easy to manage your camera and other smart home devices around the world at any time. Ezviz gives you full access and remote control of all the functions of your devices of the same brand.

The application also ensures the security of your homes and businesses through immediate notifications and motion detection alerts that you will receive on your phone. Other features include the ability to :

  • Turn any part of your video into a clip that you can share with friends, family or even the police ;
  • Customize detection zones and sensitivity;
  • Leverage two-way audio and use the infrared light on.

You can download the EZVIZ application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Open the application and see what's going on in your home from your phone, wherever you are.

You want to download Ezviz on Windows 10 ? Act !

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